Rollin’ Down The Highway – 1744hrs

Posted by admin on Dec 31, 2008 in Where Am I?

Hope you’re all enjoying the small snow storm… I DROVE through the damn thing to get to Middletown, CT… where our load picks up going to Henderson, CO for Friday.

So it’s now official, I’ve been “christened” in driving a big truck in a real snow storm… and survived to tell the tale!  (Just don’t ask about the four cars back in Mass…)

Had an awesome Christmas at home… wish I had gotten off my butt more and visited with friends and avid readers, but just didn’t feel like it!  LOL  Maybe next time I roll through!

As I said, Knucklehead and I have just gotten to Middletown, CT to pick up a load going to Colorado… the loads’ not supposed to be ready until 2000 or 2100hrs tonight… so my shift is done!

Have a great New Year everone… stay tuned for more exciting adventures!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Posted by admin on Dec 25, 2008 in Misc

I hope everyone was “good enough” for Santa to bring everything they wanted or at least needed this year.  Hopefully the New Year will bring greater properity and joy for all my avid readers!


GASP!! “What is THIS?!?” You say – 0137hrs

Posted by admin on Dec 20, 2008 in Misc, Technology

Well, as pretty much all of you avid readers know me so well, you know that even a “vacation” tends to be SOME kind of work.  Well, I had become two versions behind current on this Word Press blogging software, so being home with a high-speed connection…not to mention a slight jonesing for some tech, I upgraded the back-end and “guts” of this blog.

Everything went fine and you never even knew I did anything… but… me being the geek I am, I can never leave well enough alone right?  Yeah… I had to find / create a new skin (look / feel) for the site to go with the back-end upgrades.

So… whatcha-tink?  Couple of things to note;  first of all, I’ve limited the posts displayed on the main page to only 5, that should improve page load times for you.  Secondly, you’ll notice in future blog posts that the images are a tad smaller… this is for two reasons;  first and foremost, again, page load times, and secondly, to fit better in this new “theme”.

Let me know what you think… now that I’m home, I’ve got some “tinkering” time to make changes.

PS  I know many of you aren’t so thrilled about the new photo storage site… well unless one (or more!) of you want to fess up some $$ for paid photo hosting on Flikr (I’ve hit thier max viewing limit for a free account), then we’ll have to survive on the new photo gallery.  If you have any constructive criticism for improving something, let me know about that too!

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