Take Your Ol’ Phart To Work Day err… Night – 1045hrs

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Had a decent run to Logan last night… picking up a load of Brit High Schoolers going skiing for the week in Lincoln, NH.  Manage to arrange with my father for him to ride along for the joy ride which was rather unusual and quite nice.  Unusual because whenever I talked to myself on the way down, someone would actually answer back!  It confused the hell out of the voices in my head!  ROFLMAO

Pretty uneventful trip… got there right on time per the schedule… plane was 30 minutes late… then when they were finally ready curb-side (at Logan you have to wait in a bus lot until they are ready to board and get called)… they were late getting their bags and generally dragging their feet.  So we ended up leaving Logan almost an hour late… but that’s just the way it goes with those International flights!

Cruised on up to Lincoln with incident or stops… dumped them off and headed across the Kangamagous Highway… I always love cruising a bus through there at oh-dark-thirty in the morning with no traffic and use of the full width of the road…as Dad soon found out!  Needless to say I didn’t waste any time coming across the mountain!  🙂

Heading up to Disgusta today to pick up a load (actually two loads / two buses) and taking them to I think a Celtics game at the Garden in Boston.  It’ll be a nice couple of hours I can go get something decent to eat other than fast food for a change!  It’ll be another late night… they almost always take an hour plus getting out of the Garden, plus traffic coming out of there is always a nightmare…the Boston cops I think actually make things WORSE by directing traffic instead of using the lights and closing some roads off… but what do I know, I’m just a professional driver!

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