Chillin’ – 1017hrs

Posted by admin on Sep 26, 2008 in Where Am I?

Got into Omaha yesterday afternoon… bobtailed right to the hospital to drop off the instructor.  He had a family member drive me over to his house.  Been chillin here ever since.  Got a text message a while ago saying the baby was born at 0325 this morning, a girl and both Momma and baby are doing just fine.  Congrats to them!

Should be here until probably tomorrow, then we’ll head back out.  That’s all for now!


Quick update – 0314hrs

Posted by admin on Sep 25, 2008 in Where Am I?

Left the yard tonight around 1500hrs… headed to our 90 (unload) in Harrisonville, MO… got there almost three hours early but was able to bump the dock anyways… NAP TIME!!!  They finished up with us the usual two hours after the appointment time, so we headed north around 2200hrs… made it as far as mm80 on I29 (just north of St. Joseph, MO) to a rest area that’s about as nuts for truck parking as I’ve ever seen! There’s only about a half dozen trucks spots… but like 100 four-wheeler (car) spots… of course at this time of the morning, there’s like NO cars here so the trucks (us included) have taken over the place… I kid you not, there has to be like two dozen trucks all crammed into this little rest area!

Anyways… we’ve got like another 6 hours of driving… have to drop this trailer off in Skyline, NE tomorrow, then bobtail (no trailer) back SOUTH to get to Omaha, NE so my instructors’ home for a couple of days of R&R while he visits with his new baby (due… um.. NOW!).  It’ll be nice to kick the feet up for a day or two.

We’ve agreed to stay together for the teaming portion of my training and he’s planning on taking a week’s vacation the third week of October… we’re gonna try to get a few loads heading into New England around the 9th or so so *I* can take a week off… I’ll then have to take a couple-day bus ride back to his house to get back on the truck and start the 50,000 mile teaming portion.

Okay… naps’ worn off..time to hit the bunk!


Still at the yard – 1232hrs

Posted by admin on Sep 24, 2008 in Where Am I?

Well, we’re still at the yard.  Got up this morning, got some good yard coffee and a hot shower around 0700… been hanging out in the Millenium building smokers’ lounge, happy to have some “down-time” and the ability to chat with my sweetie.

We’re heading outta here about 1500hrs local to make our 90 (unload) three hours north.

More to come later..

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