Si…eets Laredo, Texas – 0212hrs

Posted by admin on Nov 28, 2008 in Where Am I?

Once again it’s been a while since I updated this thing…been running and time slips by…

Got done with the load in Robert, LA and spent three days at Knuckleheads place…enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner (Southern style turkey – deep fried of course!  VERY yummy!)… then we headed to Memphis, TN for a FedEx load to Denver, CO.

From there we swung by Halcomb, KS for a fresh frozen load of “scraped tripe”… whatever the “scraped” means…either way, disgusting!  That headed for Laredo, TX where I “sit” now… delivers in the morning.

Saw some really bad accidents today…will post the couple of pics I took later… hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!


Teenage House-party – 0021hrs

Posted by admin on Nov 21, 2008 in Where Am I?

Well, we finally got to Memphis last night… had to meet up with another driver this morning to swap loads…our going to Alabama for this one going to Robert, Louisiana in the morning.  Ended up waiting around all day for the other guy to show up… he was late getting loaded, which made him late to his first stop… THEY were late getting him unloaded there, which made him even LATER getting to us!

So, now I’m bedding down at a Petro truck stop in Hammond, LA with an 0600 wake-up call… “Knuckle-head” left with his wife a few hours ago so I have the “house” to myself tonight and get to practice “solo” tomorrow for the unload!  After I’m empty, I drop the trailer and bobtail the 80 miles to his house for a couple of days off in Mississippi before heading out again Monday.

Talk about your teenager having the parents gone for the weekend and they asking you to drive their VERY expensive car for them!  ROFLMAO

On a side note… I’d like to know / catch the little cocksucker that broke into our house yesterday and stole the flat-panel TV AND remote while Hammie was at work.  She called the cops and filed the reports and they dusted for finger prints (only a partial) and such… luckily her two sons were kind enough to screw some plywood over the smashed in rear-door-window so that’s now secured.  But that’s ALL they took… not the laptops, not the desktops, not the Xbox or external hard drive sitting under the TV… JUST the flat panel and remote for it.

Anyways…send out some good vibes for my sweetheart and think bad thoughts of the little shit-head sitting somewhere watching OUR tv!!


YES!!! HE FLOATS!!! – 0438hrs

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2008 in Uncategorized, Where Am I?

Short update… got into Ventura without a problem… didn’t see any flames, but did see a lot of smoke (mostly when we were leaving Cali via I15).  We then went up to Santa Maria to pick up a load of brussell sprouts (yuck!) and took them up to Salt Lake City (our drop yard there).

Had to deadhead up to Idaho Falls, ID for this load we have now… again, can’t tell you while we still have it… but you know about the ONLY thing coming out of Idaho!!  Yeah.. and it’s HEAVY!  We’re draggin it to the yard in Springfield where we hope to drop it (it’s going to Albertville, AL) so that we can get a load into Florida or something so “knucklehead” can take his four days off at home in Mississippi before delivering.

Lastly… again, I just can’t say enough about this nice truck and what fun / how easy it is to drive… after almost two months on my other co-drivers’ Freight-shaker I couldn’t get the hang of “floating” my gears.  Floating is the term used in trucking where you don’t double-clutch, instead getting your timing of RPM’s and speed right to just slide from one gear to another.

So, to make a long story short… it took me all of about ten minutes to learn / finally get how to float today…both up-shifting AND down-shifting!!  WHOO HOOO!!  Now, the ONLY time I need / have to use the clutch is when stopped, first starting in 2nd gear!!  Sa-weet!!

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