DC Bound, Again 1433hrs

Posted by admin on Apr 14, 2010 in Bus / Coach, Where Am I?

Been a busy weekend… wasn’t sure whether I was coming or going…mostly because I was in-between all the time!

Let’s see… last Thursday’s run… oh yeah… Lewiston High School colleges run… was part of a massive 17 bus pick-up… each one of us with a different set of colleges to take the kids to.  I had University of Maine – Augusta and Husson College.  Pretty straight-forward run… the only thing of note; Husson College must have the highest student smoking rate of any place I’ve ever been to!  It seemed like every third or fourth student walking around there had a butt in their hand or face.  Way to go Husson for creating the next generation of society out-casts!  We’re an endangered species, a dying breed for sure!  And DON’T even get me started about it being a FEDERALLY LEGAL PRODUCT…

Friday / Saturday’s run was taking Bates men’s Lacrosse to Connecticut College… decent enough hotel… however thought it was funny as hell they put me in the handicap room!  Not sure if they were trying to tell me something…think it was just coincidence!

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Let’s see…that puts us up to when… oh yeah Sunday / Monday’s overnight to Boston…  Picked up the group of Brits at Indian Head Resort in Lincoln, NH… drove them down to the Midtown Hotel in Boston… that same shitty, crappy, chinsey, cheesy hotel I’ve stayed at before.  No shopping en route which was nice, we got there around Noon and I was able to take a nice couple hour nap before they needed to be carted over to the Hard Rock Cafe for 1900hrs.

Monday the schedule said nothing planned, however they wanted to go to this place…Cambridge Mall thinking it was a true “mall” and not he strip-mall I was told it was.  Convinced them they would be better served going to Quincy Market… so what did they decide?  Bowling!  Come all the way to America to ski for a week and sightsee and they decide to go Bowling!  Oh well… @ $50.00 an hour wait-time they can do whatever the hell they want…so off we went!

THEN they decided Quincy Market would be a good idea…dropped them off around 1300hrs… picked up around 1730hrs… quick slide over to Logan… kicked their ass to the curb… threw out their shit and headed north in a hurry!  Ended up making a pretty decent tip out of it too!  Which was funny because we never really “clicked” the whole trip…but oh well.

Tonight I’m meeting the starter-driver in Amesbury, MA for an overnight drive to DC.  usual monument drop-off in the morning then off to the hotel for some down-time.  This trip is a bit different in that they’re staying in Virginia (Dulles Marriott) and have several stops (dinner and some concert they’re doing at George Mason University) in Virginia in addition to the usual tourista stops.

More later…


Canoe Tipping – 0906hrs

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Had a pretty straight-forward run last night.  Pick up another load of Brits at Logan, take them to the North Conway Grand Hotel right in the heart of Conway (actually right IN Settler’s Green shopping area).  Had one of the newer guys with me, he’d never been down to Logan with a bus before… so we scooted right down, getting there about ten minutes late.  Checked in at the holding area, and discovered the plane was actually ON TIME!!  Hung out for a few minutes then rolled over to terminal E and loaded up.

Ran all the way up 93 instead of taking the Spaulding Turnpike… while slightly longer (by about 20 miles), we got to avoid all the traffic and tolls and it was a nice enough run across Meridith, NH.  Dropped them off 15 minutes early of the schedule and beat-feet back to the shop… got home here around 0200.  The only “downside” to the whole evening… well I’ll put it this way; my father told me a good joke the other day that sums it up:

What’s the difference between Brits and canoes?

Canoe’s tip!

Off today and tomorrow… got a run Thursday, an overnight Friday into Saturday (Bates run)… and have a DC trip starting next Wednesday.


Take Your Ol’ Phart To Work Day err… Night – 1045hrs

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Had a decent run to Logan last night… picking up a load of Brit High Schoolers going skiing for the week in Lincoln, NH.  Manage to arrange with my father for him to ride along for the joy ride which was rather unusual and quite nice.  Unusual because whenever I talked to myself on the way down, someone would actually answer back!  It confused the hell out of the voices in my head!  ROFLMAO

Pretty uneventful trip… got there right on time per the schedule… plane was 30 minutes late… then when they were finally ready curb-side (at Logan you have to wait in a bus lot until they are ready to board and get called)… they were late getting their bags and generally dragging their feet.  So we ended up leaving Logan almost an hour late… but that’s just the way it goes with those International flights!

Cruised on up to Lincoln with incident or stops… dumped them off and headed across the Kangamagous Highway… I always love cruising a bus through there at oh-dark-thirty in the morning with no traffic and use of the full width of the road…as Dad soon found out!  Needless to say I didn’t waste any time coming across the mountain!  🙂

Heading up to Disgusta today to pick up a load (actually two loads / two buses) and taking them to I think a Celtics game at the Garden in Boston.  It’ll be a nice couple of hours I can go get something decent to eat other than fast food for a change!  It’ll be another late night… they almost always take an hour plus getting out of the Garden, plus traffic coming out of there is always a nightmare…the Boston cops I think actually make things WORSE by directing traffic instead of using the lights and closing some roads off… but what do I know, I’m just a professional driver!

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