Canoe Tipping – 0906hrs

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Had a pretty straight-forward run last night.  Pick up another load of Brits at Logan, take them to the North Conway Grand Hotel right in the heart of Conway (actually right IN Settler’s Green shopping area).  Had one of the newer guys with me, he’d never been down to Logan with a bus before… so we scooted right down, getting there about ten minutes late.  Checked in at the holding area, and discovered the plane was actually ON TIME!!  Hung out for a few minutes then rolled over to terminal E and loaded up.

Ran all the way up 93 instead of taking the Spaulding Turnpike… while slightly longer (by about 20 miles), we got to avoid all the traffic and tolls and it was a nice enough run across Meridith, NH.  Dropped them off 15 minutes early of the schedule and beat-feet back to the shop… got home here around 0200.  The only “downside” to the whole evening… well I’ll put it this way; my father told me a good joke the other day that sums it up:

What’s the difference between Brits and canoes?

Canoe’s tip!

Off today and tomorrow… got a run Thursday, an overnight Friday into Saturday (Bates run)… and have a DC trip starting next Wednesday.

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