About Me

I’m your typical 30-something, pushing 40 year old male that’s become burnt out in corporate America.  I’ve been involved / working in IT for more than 20 years either as an owner of my own repair shop / customer computer builder, or as in the last 6+ years, working a certain nationally known publication famous for it’s weather predictions in IT.

So why the sudden “radical” change in career direction?  I’m burnt out, plain and simple.  I got into IT all those years ago as a hobby… I distinctly remember the day I discovered, “you mean I can get PAID for doing this tech stuff?!?!?”.  Well, in the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to the point that my hobby isn’t fun anymore.  So I tooka week of soul-searching vacation and thought long and hard about it.  Do I change companies in the hopes that there would be less politcal BS?  Do I move to another state in the constant chase for more money, better benefits, and decent work environment.

Then it hit me.  It was a half-baked, hair-brained idea… or was it?  Being the geek I am, I spent literally two days and most of the night in-between searching on the web.  CDL school!  So I made an appointment with the only place in state and go visit for more information.

Nice place!  Wonderful cirriculum!  New trucks!  Weekend classes!  And exhorbanently expensive!  Needless to say, that burst my bubble.

But the idea of being a trucker stuck in my “craw”.  I’d been in the Air Force for almost 6 years and traveled all over the world; Korea, German, Saudi Arabia, Turkey… on and on.  But… I’d only been to a half dozen states in my own nation!  And to add “insult” to injury, almost all of those visits had been on business for my current employer.

So I began digging some more, and checking some forums… and came up with the knowledge that there are companies out there that will train you to get your CDL in exchange for a year or more of endentured servitude.  Okay, I can live with that right?  I mean, I lived with being a slave to the AF, why not a company for a year or two?

To make a long story another paragraph or three longer, I short-listed Schneider, Prime, Swift, and Crete.  Start the ol’ search engine again… nothing but bad about Swift.  They appear to be the laughing stock of trucking.  Scratch them.  Next up, Crete… not much better than Swift.  Okay Schneider and Prime… more digging… more digging.  I’m not finding anything extremely horrifying.  A few things here and there sure, but not enough to scare me away.

What the hell?  Send in an application and see what happens right?  Nothing to lose!

Well, about 24 hours later, I got an email from a Prime recruiter!  They’d reviewed my application and would love to have me join thier company and come to Springfield, MO for Orientation!


Now for Schneider…  three days… five days… two weeks… to this day, I still haven’t heard anything from them!  Oh well, their loss and Prime’s gain!

So in summary; I always thought it’d be interesting and a great learning experience to be a trucker.  I love to drive, have a pretty good sense of direction, and know how to take orders!  Stay tuned as I try to tell my ongoing tale of my new career and conversion into a… Refridgerated Commodity Relocation Specialist!

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