South for Winter? 1027hrs

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Well, I’m off an running again… this time I’ve got the Bowdoin Women’s BBall team in Amherst, MA.  We came down late yesterday afternoon, evening… right into snow and rain and shit.  Meanwhile, back home it’s warm(er) and raining… gotta love having to go SOUTH for winter weather!  LOL  But’s it’s all good for me, I REALLY don’t mind, they can keep this shit down south as far as I’m concerned!

They’re at practice right now… then we’re heading back to the hotel so they can check out and eat lunch, so we can come back for a 1400hrs game.  A game in which if they win, we stay another night… if they lose, then we’re North-bound headed for home.

Speaking of home… my sweetie texted me a little while ago saying we have power back!  Whoo Hooo!  I despise CMP with every fiber of my guts, but I have to tip my hat to those line-workers and any from out of state that came to help.

I know yesterday (before work) when we all went out breakfast, the major road into town (Route 24) was blocked by this huge-ass tree that had come down across the road (and across the wires) making for a huge mess… apparently they got that cleared / cleaned up overnight and re-ran the lines.

That’s about all for now… we’ll have to wait and see if we head home tonight, or stay for another day until later… it’s a toss-up for me… it’d be nice to be back home with my sweetie (and power!)… but at the same time right now I could use the hours and the per diem ain’t too shabby neither!  😀

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