Rolling – 1459hrs

Posted by admin on Feb 8, 2009 in Where Am I?

Actually have been for the past hour or so… already at my 01 (pickup) in Delhi… tough day so far!  ROFL

We now return you to your regularly scheduled trucking!

(And yes, I DID get lay-over pay for yesterday 😀 )


Sitting here watching the world go by – 0908hrs

Posted by admin on Feb 8, 2009 in Where Am I?

Thought I’d send a quick update…

Still sitting in the same spot, in the same truck stop, in the same town, in the same state…

This is probably the longest I’ve ever sat… I’ll be happy when I can leave to go get my load later today!

On the other hand… it HAS been good in that I got my truck cleaned up inside, and was able to watch four Star Trek movies back to back!  😀


Circling the drain of Schenectady – 0914

Posted by admin on Feb 7, 2009 in Where Am I?

I actually can’t say if Schenectady is a drain or not… but I just love saying the name!  🙂

Dropped my load of miscellaneous Nestle` products at the WalMart DC in Johnstown, NY yesterday morning.  Did have any loads in the area so my travel agent (a.k.a. Dispatcher) asked if I would do a favor… drop my trailer at a near-by business, and grab a dead trailer there, take it into Albany, NY to the local refer repair shop.  So I rolled over to Rotterdam, NY where I dropped my trailer and picked up one that the refer wouldn’t stay running on it.  Drove that the 30 minutes or so over to Albany and dropped it at a repair shop, then bobtailed back to my trailer.  Which had been promptly stolen (well, actually used by the business there for another load).  So I had to grab a different trailer, no big deal.  It’s all paid miles and hauling deadhead I get GREAT fuel mileage!  LOL

So I finally got a load… but it doesn’t pick up until tomorrow at 1500 in Delhi, NY about an hour West of here (Rotterdam).  Sooo, I’ve bedded down in a small truck stop off I88 x25 in Rotterdam for last night, and basically have today “off”!

So I got to sleep in this morning… made me a decent pot of coffee (Of course I have a coffee maker on the truck!  Duh!) and am just chillin’… literally, it’s frickin’ freezing here this morning!  LOL

Anyways that’s about it for me… today is going to be “house” cleaning day and will probably enjoy a movie or two now that I have a 19″ monitor on the truck… so I don’t have to keep the laptop in my laptop to watch.  I also bought an iPod FM transmitter so I can tune the trucks 6 speakers into the station it broadcasts and listen to whatever is on my laptop!  Just like surround sound!  Whoo Hooo!  I’m thinking either Star Trek (the 1st one) or start the Star Wars series over… not sure yet!  Maybe both!  ROFL

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